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About Us

SmartLab Toys makes educational toys with a book component for kids ages 4 - 12.  We believe that kids learn best through hands-on exploration, so we offer that experience wrapped up in a fun toy and a cool book.

In 2004, SmartLab started out with eight science kits.  Two years later, we expanded into arts and crafts.  These days, our roster of award-winning toys now stands at nearly 50 products that stimulate both sides of the brain.

We are guided by a desire to both entertain and educate.  We like to think we hide the vegetables in the cake, so to speak.  And, as our 10-year-old fan Simon says, "One thing I like about your books is they teach you stuff, but they're not just Blah, Blah, Blah like some science books." Now that’s success!

Unleash some serious fun with SmartLab—where toys and books collide!


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SmartLab Toys
11120 NE 33rd Place, Suite 101
Bellevue, WA 98004

Toll-free: 866-319-5900
Local: 425-822-1950 
Fax: 866-755-1086

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SmartLab is a division of becker&mayer! Books, one of the world's largest and most respected book producers. Please visit the becker&mayer! careers page for current job listings.


For product support and general inquiries, we encourage you to use our online support form.