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Science! - Observing a ladybug magnified through the Indoor Outdoor Microscope

Indoor Outdoor Microscope


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  • Glow-in-the-Dark Lab

    Glow-in-the-Dark Lab

    From glow dough to glow snow, create 20 fun-filled, luminescent experiments.

  • All-Natural Spa Day

    All-Natural Spa Day

    Host a spa party for 4 as you create natural beauty products for yourself and your friends.

  • All-Natural Spa Lab

    All-Natural Spa Lab

    Absorb the beautiful science behind easy homemade spa products, naturally!

  • Glitter Spa Lab

    Glitter Spa Lab

    Spatacular projects that glitter, naturally!

  • Bug Playground

    Bug Playground

    Capture backyard creepy-crawlies with this two-in-one toy and discover a world of bug behavior.

  • Indoor-Outdoor Microscope

    Indoor-Outdoor Microscope

    Look 40 times closer into the hidden world of the teeny tiny. Exploration is unlimited!

  • Catch the Thief

    Catch the Thief

    Learn about the science of crime fighting and solve 3 mysteries!

  • You-Build-It Robo-Bug

    You-Build-It Robo-Bug

    Watch Robo-Bug glow while you get the bug’s-eye view on robotics!

  • You-Track-It Weather Lab

    You-Track-It Weather Lab

    Keep your eye on the storm with this interactive station! Track wind speed, rainfall, and much more.

  • You-Build-It RoboXplorer

    You-Build-It RoboXplorer

    Test the limits of this cockroach-inspired robotic vehicle with a booklet and lab journal.

  • Stars and Planets

    Stars and Planets

    Our out-of-this-world space adventure guarantees you'll get lost in space!

  • Blast-off Rocket Racer

    Blast-off Rocket Racer

    This racer gives new meaning to “alternative fuel”! Put it to the test with baking soda and vinegar.