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Super Sweet Sugar Lab

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Super Sweet Sugar Lab

20 Sticky & Gummy Science Explorations!

Sugar. You know you love it, but do you know why? Become a sugar sleuth and discover the secrets to sugar's sweet success!

Super Sweet Sugar Lab's fully illustrated 24-page book includes 20 science activities, scientific information, and facts about sugar and how it behaves in your body. Kids will conduct experiments using glucose strips to test for hidden sugars, perform osmosis through an egg membrane, and even create chemical sparks from candy! 

Edible experiments include making rock candy, toast candy, and gummies. Science principles explored include photosynthesis, enzymes, carbon dioxide production, hydrogen bonding, density, triboluminescence, polymers, crystal formation, osmosis, and more! Facts about sugar are interspersed throughout the book, giving experimenters an understanding of what sugar is, what its function is in your body, why your body desires it, and why too much is bad for you.

This all inclusive lab kit comes with 6 test tubes and a test tube stand, 20 glucose test strips, candy molds, a funnel, pipettes, mixing hardware, 5 wood candy sticks, and 2 balloons.

  • Age: From 3 to 7 years
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  • Package size: x x inches
  • UPC: 834509005736
  • Price: US $19.99 / CAN $ 24.99 / UK £12.49
  • Released: November 21, 2017