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Archi-TECH Electronic Smart House 2020

Use this cool construction kit to create architectural wonders with lights, sensors, sounds, and moving parts!

Featuring over 70 building components, Archi-TECH Electronic Smart House 2020 allows aspiring architects and engineers to design and build multi-story structures. Use the modular building system to add and stack floors in any number of configurations. Then decorate your creation with the included furnishings and accessories. With your dream house built, the fun has just begun! Now you can use the plug-in power posts and electronic components to “wire up” your creation. Create a working elevator, drawbridge, and house-to-house tramway! Arm your house with a motion-sensor burglar alarm! Make your escape through an electronic trapdoor! The plug-in modules are similar to Smart Lab’s best-selling Smart Circuits system, allowing young engineers to learn and experiment with basic circuitry through creative, fun, and hands-on activities that teach practical skills.

The 32-page illustrated manual shows you how to put together 20 different builds and circuits. Along the way, you’ll learn about architecture, famous architects, and inspiring new design innovations. You’ll also learn the science behind light sensors, switches, speakers, electric motors, semi-conductors, and more.

  • Hours of STEM engineering fun: Design and build amazing architecture with lights, sound, and motion; the modular building system lets you add and stack floors in all sorts of configurations, then add your own furnishings, art, tiny plants, and accessories
  • 20 kinetic, energetic circuitry projects: Create a garage door, drawbridge, flickering fireplace, television, automatic night light, silent alarm, elevator, and more while learning the science behind things like conductors, insulators, electric circuits, and diodes
  • 62 pieces, great value: 10 base boards, 20 posts, battery post, stairs, 2 spindles, 50 punch-out wall/floor panels and accessories (8 sheets), 8 jumper and extender wires, forward/back switch, 2 yellow LED lights, red flashing LED light, flickering LED light, light sensor, switch, push button, speaker, motor, and 32-page construction activity book
  • Perfect for budding engineers and architects ages 8+

Tiny Science! 2020

Tiny tools—BIG Science! How small is the tiniest ball of slime you can make? Find out with this adorable miniature science lab that features precision lab instruments.

Mix up chemistry experiments in itty-bitty test tubes and beakers. Peer at tiny specimens through the teeny-tiny magnifier. Weigh chocolate chips or Cheerios on the tiny balance scale. Tiny Science! 2020 comes with a science activity book featuring 20 experiments that teach kids about acids and bases, CO2 production, microscopy, chemical reactions, polymers, non-Newtonian fluids, and more!

The wonderfully small size and metal storage container make it perfect for sleepovers or on-the-go science exploration adventures.

  • The world’s smallest science lab! Your tiny lab has real tools to conduct real science experiments—unleash chemical reactions, discover new ways of measuring, peer through a magnifying glass, and perform optical illusions
  • 24-piece kit includes real science equipment: Storage tin, 3 test tubes & stand, beaker, Erlenmeyer flask, graduated cylinder, funnel, petri dish with lid, balance scale & 3 weights, magnifier, stainless steel ruler, pipette, measuring scoop, and 48-page illustrated science activity book
  • 20 enormously fun STEM experiments: 48-page activity book explores HUGE science concepts—learn about density by making a four-stripe rainbow in your graduated cylinder; learn about acids, bases, and indicator solutions while creating secret messages in invisible ink; grow a big crystal in a tiny petri dish; and more
  • Perfect for budding scientists ages 8+: Great for play dates, sleepovers, homeschooling lessons, and on-the-go fun

STEM 101

Create fun machines and conduct super science experiments while exploring physics, chemistry, optics, biology, and more!

Astound your friends with your knowledge of osmosis, gear ratios, and fractals! Build moving vehicles and catapults! Perform experiments that demonstrate capillary action, optical illusions, and Newton’s Laws of Motion! This introduction to STEM learning includes an amazing array of real science equipment—mini graduated cylinders, an Erlenmeyer flask, a graduated beaker, a magnifying lens, and building materials such as boards, axles, posts, wheels, gears, and more—along with 30 activity cards to guide kids through an exciting, hands-on exploration of science, technology, engineering, and math.

The activity cards lead you through 35 projects that demonstrate real STEM challenges and explain how they translate to the real world. Experiments strengthen essential engineering skills with open-ended challenges that involve building vehicles and structures with different kinds of gears, axles, and wheels. Young physicists can test optical illusions involving mirrors, magnifying glasses, and printed paper components. Fun chemistry experiments allow young scientists to use real lab equipment to measure, analyze, and make predictions.

A good STEM toy relates to the real world, is hands-on, allows for problem-solving, is gender inclusive, builds confidence, and encourages creativity. STEM 101 checks all the boxes!

  • Build, concoct, problem-solve, tinker, and explore: This hands-on introduction to STEM learning allows young scientists to conduct exciting experiments and build cool machines with real science tools
  • 35 STEM projects to spark a lifetime of scientific inquiry: 30 activity cards include simple instructions, explanations of the science behind the fun, and tips to take your project further, plus a list of 86 STEM careers to consider—Extract your own DNA! Move objects using electricity! Make a CD spectroscope! Build a spinning automaton!
  • 119 pieces of real science equipment and building materials: 4 Boards, 4 Long Posts, 4 Short Posts, 6 Long Axles, 8 Medium Axles, 8 Short Axles, 2 Big Gears, 2 Medium Gears, 2 Small Gears, 4 Wheels, 4 Wheel Grips, 16 Collars, 1 Crank, 1 Handle, 2 Hubs, 1 Notch Cap, 1 Magnifying Lens, 3 Mini Graduated Cylinders, 1 Erlenmeyer Flask, 1 Graduated Beaker, 2 Large Rubber Bands, 2 Small Rubber Bands, 2 Foam Balls, 1 String, 3 Balloons, 1 Straw, 3 Papercraft Sheets, and 30 Activity Cards
  • For most activities, everything you need is provided: For some, you’ll need to gather some common household ingredients or objects
  • Perfect for budding scientists, techies, engineers, and mathematicians ages 8+: Great for play dates, sleepovers, and family nights

Tiny Ice Cream!

Create Instagram-worthy tiny ice cream treats using miniature versions of real tools!

Churn real ice cream in the itty-bitty ice cream maker! Bake weensy waffles in the waffle mold! Once baked, use the tools to form waffle cones, waffle bowls, ice cream sandwich cookies, and ice cream taco shells. The lay-flat instruction sheet features original recipes, fascinating history and science facts, and inspiring ideas for using the miniature equipment. As children mix, bake, and experiment, they are practicing essential skills in reading, measuring, following instructions, and trial-and-error learning. This adorable kit is a perfect parent-child activity or a (delicious) stand-alone stress-reliever for people of all ages. Tiny Ice Cream!—it’s an ice cream party in a box.

  • World’s smallest ice cream maker, big science fun: All the equipment you need to make 1/4 cup of real ice cream! Use the included recipes, tools, and mold to make itty-bitty waffle cones, ice cream sandwich cookies, ice cream taco shells, and even incredible edible ice cream bowls while learning the history and science of ice cream
  • 21-piece set includes: Tiny ice cream canister, dasher, lid with crank, tiny silicone waffle cone molds, tiny waffle cone and bowl shaper, tiny ice cream scoop, tiny spatula, tiny ice cream bowls, cone holder, tiny mixing bowl, tiny mixing spoon, wee-spoons, papercraft ice cream truck and menu board, and foldout recipe sheet
  • Perfect family activity (or stress reliever for all ages!): As children mix, bake, and experiment, they are practicing essential skills in reading, measuring, following instructions, and trial-and-error learning; they’ll also enjoy fun facts such as the scientific explanation of a “brain freeze” and historical info about the woman who invented the first hand-cranked freezer
  • 15 enormously delicious recipes, endless inspiration: The foldout recipe sheet shows you how to make classic vanilla ice cream as well as berry, chocolate, orange, candy bar, and cherry chocolate chip flavors; also learn to use the mold and tools to make waffle cones, tacos, bowls, and cookie sandwiches 
  • Perfect for budding food scientists ages 8+

Tiny Gardening!

Enjoy gardening at your fingertips with a miniature desktop greenhouse and tiny gardening tools!

All you add are soil, water, and your choice of seeds. Within days of being planted in the teeny tiny flower pots, seedlings emerge and thrive in the self-watering greenhouse. The included 48-page illustrated science activity book is filled with experiments that will thrill any young botanist. Learn about the plant life cycle, extract DNA from fruit, and discover the effects of acid rain, gravity, and colored light waves on plant growth. Watch plants breathe, bend toward the sun, and pull water from their roots to their tips. Young environmentalists will see with their own eyes how plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, playing an essential role in making our planet habitable.

Growing and nurturing seedlings in the tiny greenhouse inspires creativity, responsibility, and a lifelong wonder of nature. As children test and experiment, they’re practicing essential skills in reading, measuring, following instructions, and trial-and-error learning. As an innovative STEM activity kit, Tiny Gardening! gets two green thumbs up!

  • World’s smallest gardening kit, big science concepts: Kids can enjoy gardening at their fingertips with a miniature desktop greenhouse and tiny gardening tools while exploring science principles like capillary action, photosynthesis, transpiration, and phototropism
  • 34-piece set includes: Tiny greenhouse, 3 tiny pots, 3 tiny test tubes, tiny hand shovel, tiny hand fork, tiny beaker, 3 tiny garden markers, greenhouse wall panels, greenhouse roof panels, string, tiny ruler, petri dish, green and blue acetate sheets, decorative clings, marker stickers, and a 48-page tiny gardening activity book
  • 48-page illustrated science activity book explores the science behind the fun: Young botanists learn and grow alongside their plants, answering questions like: Why do seeds grow up instead of down? Does pH value of water affect plant growth? Do plants respond to color? And much more!
  • 20 enormously fun growing activities: Learn about the plant life cycle, extract DNA from fruit, and discover the effects of acid rain, gravity, and colored light waves on plant growth; watch plants soak up CO2 and release oxygen, bend toward the sun, and pull water from their roots to their tips
  • Just add soil, water, and your choice of seeds: No need to worry about seed shelf life; grow and experiment with whatever seeds you choose, including beans and lentils from your kitchen cabinet or seed packets you can easily find at the grocery store or online
  • Perfect for budding botanists ages 8+

Tiny Circuits!

Get amped up about itty-bitty electronics! This miniaturized version of our best-selling Smart Circuits kit lets you build gadgets, create funny sound effects, and play fast-paced electronic games with lights and sounds!

The tiny-but-mighty mini-microprocessor module has all the computing power you need to build 20 electrifying projects. Plug wires into ports to build serial and parallel circuits, create music, and test materials for electrical conductance. Wire up electronic dice, a magic message wand, and a doorbell. Play 1- and 2-person games, such as Trap It, Drag Race, and Fart-Sound Frenzy!

As you wire up your circuits, you’ll discover the electrifying truth about electricity, electric circuits, microprocessors, inputs and outputs, RAM, ROM, and more! The adorable electronics lab comes with a microprocessor unit featuring three LEDS, a speaker, and programming ports. Also included are a battery box, seven hookup wires, two push buttons, and a foldout manual with instructions and information about electricity and electric circuits. This portable mini-computer lab is perfect for classroom sharing, parent-child activity time, and sleepovers.

Ultimate Squishy Human Body with SmartScan Technology

Get your hands on—and in—this robust 16-inch-tall anatomy toy featuring realistic removable squishy organs, articulated joints, and an interactive electronic sound module.

Sculpted from a medical model of a real body, the detailed, realistic human body model is composed of 10 removable squishy organs and 15 other removable bones, muscles, and organs. The mandible on the skull opens and closes, a transparent lung displays the inner workings of the respiratory system, and joints bend and rotate.

When one of the eight removable SmartParts is placed on the electronic SmartScan module, the scanner recognizes the part and prompts you to select Scan Mode or Quiz Mode. In Scan Mode, you’ll hear information about the part, the system it belongs to, and fun facts. In Quiz Mode, you’ll test your knowledge by placing the correct SmartPart on the scanner to answer 70 quiz questions. The module also produces sounds based on the organ in question, so expect to hear some burps and gurgles!

Other components include an Organ-izer chart, assembly sheet, quick-start guide, and 48-page book packed with detailed explanations, colorful illustrations, and fun facts about your amazing human body. You’ll also discover how your body works and how to keep it healthy, in good shape, and going strong!

This toy is, indeed, the ultimate human body educational product. Expect this remarkable model to be treasured, talked about, and handed down to the next generation.

  • The world’s most advanced, complete, and accurate human body discovery toy: Take a fascinating and interactive tour of the human body as you remove 25 body parts from the articulated human body model with all major organs, muscles, and bones; identify each part and then test your knowledge with the electronic scanning platform that includes lights and sounds
  • Electric SmartScan module, your personal anatomy tutor: Scan removable SmartParts to learn fun facts, take a quiz, and hear funny, realistic sounds of the digestive system, lungs inhaling and exhaling, and more! Requires three 1.5V AAA (LR 03) batteries (not included).
  • 32 pieces, exceptional value: Includes 16-inch (40.6 cm) Tall Human Body Model; 25 Removable Body Parts, including 10 squishy organs & 8 SmartParts; Scanner Base with SmartScan Technology; Removable Stand; Organ-izer Chart; Quick-Start Guide; Assembly Sheet; and 48-Page Illustrated Anatomy Book
  • 48-Page anatomy book guides you through the body: Starting with cells, your body’s body builders, and ending with your body’s boss, the brain, the full-color, illustrated anatomy book provides accessible and humorous yet accurate and thorough descriptions and explanations of every part of the human body
  • Perfect for budding scientists ages 8+: Great anatomy and biology lesson plan for a homeschool curriculum or for any kid (or adult) fascinated with how their body works

Tiny Art!

Be a Micro-Angelo! This itty-bitty STEAM kit delivers the paints, tools, and techniques you need to make, frame, and display miniature masterpieces.

Experiment with brush strokes and learn how to mix colors like a pro. Make illuminated letters, create abstract art, paint with stencils, and brew up your own natural watercolor paints. Discover the science of color and the history of watercolor art. Then display your work on the teensy easel!

Tiny Art!’s artist-quality components, including the imported watercolor pencils, wood brushes, and textured watercolor paper, will inspire your inner artist, unleashing greater potential, creativity, and fun! Stencils and metallic paints make it easy to create works you’ll want to display and share.

As you paint, you’ll learn the history of watercolor paints—from 45,000-year-old cave art to medieval illuminated manuscripts to Beatrix Potter. You’ll also learn what pigments are, what makes watercolor paint special, how the anatomy of your eye works to interpret color, and more.

Every great artist starts out small.

  • Real art. Real tiny. Real fun! With this adorable kit, create and display Instagram-worthy mini masterpieces while learning the history and science of art
  • 41-piece kit includes artist-quality materials: tiny wood display easel, 8 watercolor pencils, 1 tube gold metallic watercolor paint, 1 artist-quality round paintbrush, 1 artist-quality flat paintbrush, mini mixing palette, pipette, 20 sheets of artist-quality watercolor paper, 2 stencil sheets, 4 punch-out frames, and foldout illustrated manual with art techniques, science, history, and activities
  • 10 creative activities to spark a lifelong interest in art: Foldout manual offers step-by-step projects and well as drawing, painting, and color-mixing tips; intriguing facts from art history; and the science behind the fun
  • Perfect for budding artists and scientists ages 8+: Kids (including grown-up ones) will be enthralled by this perfectly portable, absolutely adorable kit

Organic Science Lab

What does it really mean we when say something is “organic”? Discover the answer using the earth-friendly equipment in this activity-based science kit.

Organic chemistry, bio-fuels, recycling—it’s all here in this exciting STEAM kit. Young scientists will perform 30 experiments that explore the processes of life. As they explore, they’ll make paper, cook up three kinds of bioplastics, extract DNA, create tie-dyed fabrics, brew up natural watercolor paints, watch leaves breathe, pop a balloon using an orange peel, and much more.

Organic Science Lab lives up to its name by featuring components made with sustainable bamboo to reduce the amount of plastic needed; a beaker and graduated cylinder made so that natural microorganisms can break them down faster; and compostable packaging.

Learn about organic science the fun way—through hands-on crafts and experiments!

  • Explore the science behind saving the environment: Kids can investigate the science of living things, the materials they produce, and the things that you can make from them with this environmentally friendly science kit
  • 21-piece kit includes eco-friendly bamboo and plastic: graduated beaker, graduated, cylinder, Erlenmeyer flask, test tubes & stand, papermaking deckle & frame, large bioplastic-forming tray, small bioplastic-forming tray, spatula, shapes mold, pipette, 4 latex balloons (made from natural rubber), liquid glycerin, funnel, paintbrush, and 40-page illustrated science activity book
  • 30 hands-on organic science experiments and crafts: Following the activity book’s step-by-step instructions, make your own earth-friendly slime, glue, bioplastics, paints and dyes, paper, and even candy wrappers while learning about transpiration, photosynthesis, greenhouse gases, polymers, DNA, acid-base reactions, the problems with petroleum-based plastics, and more
  • Experiments require additional easy-to-find items/ingredients: Including active dry yeast, baking soda, banana or strawberries, cornstarch, food coloring, fresh orange, milk, rubbing alcohol, turmeric powder, unflavored gelatin packets, and white vinegar
  • Perfect for budding scientists ages 8+: Great activity for sleepovers, play dates, or family fun night

Shimmering Lip Balms

Why pay expensive prices for all-natural lip balms when you can make your own? Whip up shimmering lip balms and put some sparkle in your smile! Shimmering Lip Balms comes with enough all-natural beeswax pastilles to make dozens of lip balms, plus you'll also get cosmetic-grade shimmer powder, 2 molds, and 5 sparkling mix-and-match lip balm pods. 

You'll see how to make everything from basic lip balms (all you need are beeswax and oil), to inspired recipes like Coco Loco Lips, Snow Queen Shimmer, Nuts for Nutella, and Deluxe Chocolate. Using ingredients from your kitchen and the candy-making aisle of any grocery store, the creative possibilities are endless. 

In addition to the craft, you'll also learn about humectants, emollients, and why water and oil don't mix. Great for sleepovers and mother-daughter play days!