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Girls Only! Secret Message Lab

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Girls Only! Secret Message Lab

25 Hidden Message Science Activities

From secret codes to secret folds, discover more than 25 undercover ways to send messages to your bestie—even when people are watching!

PSSST! Do you love sharing secrets and passing notes with your best friend? Then you already know that keeping private notes private is tricky. Good thing you have Girls Only! Secret Message Lab! Each kit includes two fully equipped secret message cases. Each case contains everything two kids need to keep their secret messages top secret, from UV pens and lights to code wheels and message masks.

The 24-page science activity book features 25 activities that range from writing hidden messages to note folding to hand signals. Learn and practice real-world codes such as Caesar’s Cipher, the Dancing Man, Pigpen Code, Moon Code, and Zig Zag. You’ll also learn the science behind invisible inks, light waves, acids and bases, and fluorescence.

There’s so much to cover, you may need a sleepover to test your favorite activities!

  • Crafty, science-packed, top-secret fun: Friends learn a wide variety of ways to share secrets, along with lots of science facts using the kit’s secret message supplies and book
  • 25-piece kit includes two sets of supplies—one for you, one for your BFF: 2 decorated cases, 2 uv ink pens with uv lights, 2 red filters, 2 red markers, 2 wax crayons, 2 spray bottles, 4 code wheels, 2 phonetic code cards, 2 message masks, 2 sticker sheets, and 24-page science activity book
  • 25 hidden message activities, infinite STEAM fun: Make magic messages that appear only in UV light while learning about the electromagnetic spectrum and light waves, write notes in secret codes while exploring cryptography and ciphers, create a banana telegram and learn how melanin-producing enzymes make it work, and more
  • Some activities require common household ingredients: baking soda, banana, dish soap, food coloring, lemon juice or vinegar, purple grape juice, purple or red cabbage, and water
  • Perfect for budding scientists ages 8+: Great activity for sleepovers, play dates, and family fun nights



  • 2 Decorated Cases
  • 2 UV Ink Pens with UV Lights
  • 2 Red Filters
  • 2 Red Markers
  • 2 Wax Crayons
  • 2 Spray Bottles
  • 4 Code Wheels
  • 2 Phonetic Code Cards
  • 2 Message Masks
  • 2 Sticker Sheets
  • 24-Page Science Activity Book
  • Age: From 8 to 14 years
  • Theme: Science
  • Package size: x x inches
  • UPC: 834509004531
  • Price: US $24.99 / CAN $ 29.99 / UK £16.66
  • Released: July 1, 2015